Ultrasonic cabinets are equipped with the latest technology diagnostic ultrasound systems. The clinic presents premium class Accuvix V20 colorful apparatus which is produced by the Industry-leading manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound systems Samsung Medison. The Accuvix V20 Prestige's ultrasound imaging system represents the pinnacle of more than a decade of technology advancement in 3D/4D ultrasound imaging at Samsung Medison offering a colorful detailed high quality researches.

Our experienced team of doctors, Archil Akhmeteli, David  Tatanashvili, Vakhtang Eliashvili, Nino Inaishvili, Melano Suladze and Maia Inasaridze carry out all kinds of diagnostic ultrasound services to our patients including such important researches as obstetric dopplerographic research using advanced dopplerial 3D / 4D regimes, renal blood vessels dopplerographic research, abdominal organs (intestines) and ultrasound research of appendix, echocardiographic research of fetus (our clinic was the one of the first clinics in Georgia where had been established this examination as a screening examination of the fetus which should be conducted by a professional cardiologist during the period of pregnacy, in order to pre-detect various heart diseases to resolve them timely) and etc. All of the above researches can be conducted practically only in our clinic.

Those who are not able to visit our clinic, we offer ultrasound services at home.