Gastrointestinal tract problems are very common in Georgia, which is not only caused by an incorrect feeding.  In stressful situations digestion system slows down and gastrointestinal tract problems appear.  That’s why, stress can be the result of many diseases such as loss of appetite, meteorism, diarrhea, all types of inflammation and etc. In this case right diet and proper feeding is a necessity but it is decisive to get combined examination and consultation with a professional doctor first.

At Interclic you can have a consultation with our professional gastroenterologist and infectionist, doctor Tamar Gegeshidze, and with make proper examination with an experienced specialist, endoscopist Dr. Mr Gocha phirckhalaishvili. Researches are held in esophagus, gastric, duodenum and large intestine (gastro, duodenum and colonoscopy). Endoscopic cabinet is equipped by the state-of –the-art apparatus by “PENTAX “, global medical systems provider, that allows us to have medical examination of digestion tract, quickly and in a painless way. The HD+ images created by the combined PENTAX processor and endoscope currently provide the highest endoscopic image resolution available.